Safe Pest Control Approach: Making the Environment Unsafe for Pest but Safe for You

Safe pest control entails the use of pest control methods that involve less damaging and harmful options that are effective in controlling pests but do not damage textiles and surfaces. They also do not leave gases or residues in places where they are used. This means that the methods and products that are used in controlling pests are safe for vulnerable people, children and pets. Regardless of the pests that you want to eliminate in your property, it is possible to get rid of them without using noxious liquids or gases. From ants and mites to rats and mice, we have a team of experts that combine chemical and physical barriers, deterrents as well as humane methods to eliminate these unwanted visitors once and for all without damaging your local ecosystem or the environment.

Family safety

When it comes to controlling pests, the concern of most parents is the risks that hazardous chemicals pose to their children. This is why our technicians use solutions that are non-toxic, non-corrosive, environmental friendly and non-irritating only. This means that once you enlist our pest control service, you will not have to vacate your property for days. With our pest control approach you will be back in your property within the shortest time possible.

Food safety

Perhaps, you want to control pests in your property but you are concerned about the exposure of food to the chemicals that are used in controlling pests. We use pest control methods that are compliance with the set food safety standards. Our technicians will help you comprehend the requirements and rules for rodent or bug management in the food service or preparation areas. They will also come up with a solution that apart from being safe is effective in controlling the target pests. Whether you want us to use electronic repellent or bug zappers, we will take care of everything.

Environmental safety

Some chemicals that are used in controlling pests are harmful to the environment. We know this and it is for this reason that we use eco-friendly pest control products only. We take an integrated pest management approach that is beneficial to you and to the environment. With this approach, we focus on not just controlling the pest but also making the environment around your property unsuitable or unappealing to the pests. Basically, pest need food, shelter and water to survive just like humans. If they cannot find such requirements in your property, they will most likely go elsewhere.

Pet safety

If you have pets in your home, you do not want them to suffer the same fate as pests. Our technicians know this and they take extra care when controlling pests in your home. Once you contact us, we assess your property first including determining the pests that you have so that we can come up with a safe and effective pest control plan. Thus, you can rest assured that your pets will be safe when you enlist our safe pest control service. We will make the environment of your home safe for you, your family and pets but completely unsafe for pests.


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